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I dont know about you guys, but this has sure been a tough start to the fishing season. It has been cold and wet, which keeps the river high and the fish not so active. Is everyone having very little opportunity to get quality fishing in or do I need to adjust my tactics?
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Cliff,up until last week i to was having a real hard time as well. We have been doing better over the last week.Paul T. has been killing them i think by now he's up to about a hundred smallies already.We have been getting out together and ive learned that this spring compared to the last couple we have been really down sizing lure size and water size. Get off some of the bigger areas that you would normally fish this time of year. Fish the smaller sections of river,that you know.Start throwing real small non agressive lures,we used the small crappie spinner baits this last weekend and 4 guys ended up with 25 smallies,not awesome numbers were all used to this year but hey we'll take what we can get. Last year this time i was throwing big Rapalas and big chug bugs,it hasnt worked this year.Dont know why either?
I have pretty much given up a lot of my preserve spots and gotten off the beaten path. Paul as well,and it seems to be working for us. Try going out with a few guys on the weekend,it helps to find out what their hitting on a lot faster than on your own(it worked well for us saturday when we were playing beat the rain!)
Also please take a minute to read my reply to Sluggo,s introduction post,your invited to join us as well over the summer,or any time soon. Tight lines and i hope i helped Kevin
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Thank you very much for your detailed and informative response.. I will make a good effort to get out with a group, and perhaps join in with you guys.

Cliff and Sluggo, i am going out this Sunday.
My wife has a bridal shower and i am taking the brother in law out for a smallie introduction(his first time).Feel free to join us,let me know if you can make it and i'll email you specifics. Im Kish bound of course! Kevin
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