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Trout in at Banana Lake

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FYI- I called the Lake Co. Forest Preserve today, and was informed that they stocked it today.
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trout in at banna lake

Does anyone know what date it opens for fishing?. I thought it was 4-5-08 but I'm not sure. Thanks
Yes, the inland trout opener is 4/5. It'll be a nippy start, but should be nice later in the day.
I'll be there first thing, grenades in hand. Lets get some TROUT!!!!
:)41 >--'>
Inland trout

5 trout in 30 minutes this morning at Silver Lake, Blackwell Preserve, using Crappie 2 ft. under a Mick Thill Waggler slip bobber, no. 4 gold hook, split shot.
Was first in line this morning but managed to only get three (two good sized, one small). All caught on spinners. Two guys next to me both got their limit, they were also using spinners. All fish came within about a half hour window just after sunrise, then they pretty much shut down. I'll most likely be back tomorrow looking for another 5.
Tried out Banana Lake for about a hour yesturday, 7am - 8am, nothing. You couldnt even buy a spot out there in the morning. Oh well, went out to Lake Arlington Instead and caught about 55 Gills some at about handsized on waxies.
Really questioning if they even stocked Banana...

I live right down the road so was ther opening morning - saw one person catch one that looked to be a larger hold-over, but that was it. Went back again yesterday(Monday) and caught only two smaller bass. Everyone there was questioning it because we didn't even see one fish roll and I find that hard to believe.

Someone said they called the DNR and they said the trout place dumped them, but everyone was pretty skeptical about that - seeing as no one hooked into a trout again.

Just wondering if they duped the paying fisherpeople again... Also stinks when you take the day off of work to have a little fun! :x

Cold front

Yesterday's cold front really stifled the fishing yesterday.

At Silver lake, I talked to about a dozen people and the only two who caught anything were in a boat using very small crappie minnows under a float. Spinner action wasn't happening.

Saturday, I had limited out in 30 minutes.
Yes, but that was Silver Lake - not Banana. Did Anyone do any good there last Sunday?

No reply on Banana? Just an FYI - I my bro went there yesterday again to give it a try and nada! He said others there were dissapointed again as well... :)3
TNote this sounds like the same smoke and mirrors I went through there the prior 2 years! I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone there. It seems they may have put something in, but how many fish vs lbs of fish ?The 2 prior years I got skunked there,and prior to that I used to get good catches for at least a week after stocking ! I did not go this time because of your same concerns . Who is accountable,or who can we trust for a straight answer :)5
Well - it definately doesn't seem that the DNR has followed through on people questioning this. More than one person has said they called and they tell them the same thing - that the poeple that put them in were called and they said they dumped them - ha!

Luckily, I'm only down the road now - it makes it easy to put some truth to all the questioning. I might be able to see if I had went down there once and saw nothing caught, but to go down twice - and have another person go down another time with all the same results(only day we missed was Sunday) tells me that we're definatley not looking at a stocked fishery. So where does our Trout stamp money go? Most likely to other lakes I guess - what a pity... :roll:

I wish I knew who to contact, but alas, I think it's just beating on a dead horse (or empty trout hatchery truck - lol!). I think I'll save my money from now on and put it towards a Wisconsin trout stamp instead - at least i know there's trout streams there!

was down there opening day and fishing was terrible. only saw a few fish caught.....figured maybe just the day or weather? guess not if no one is still gettin them. sounds like we were duped by the law again!
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