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whos ready 4 the troutskies on the 29 at plainfield fishing resort......???
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can't wait there are a decent amount of trout left over from the fall stockings,he closed early on nov 2 and it was slow with people fishing last fall.the ratio was about 75% brookies to 25% rainbows stocked last fall can't wait to get into the brookies. ray
:-D last fall i caught over 3O trout and had a great i used the power bait at the shop and had a great day of fishin
I live in Plainfield, but have never been there :eek: I dirvie by all the time, but just have never found time to go there, but maybe taking the kids over might be a good idea. What is the cost involved? Is it a pay per fish deal, or pay for the pass and catch up to a limit?
Heres all the info Tubes:

I've found that this place is great to take beginners, kids, etc just to get them familiar with fishing practices and let them get lots of casts in on different types of water.

In the summer I've been on a crowded day and that really turned me off, it was just jam packed with a ton of people bait fishing everywhere, which severely limited my ability to cast a lure into a lot of water.

But, when I've been in there on a lightly populated day I had a great time and pulled a few fish out. When the waters low you can actually walk out to some of the little islands in the middle area and get your line into some good structure out there.

The only things that have really bothered me about the place is you're going to get your share of people in there that don't respect the water or the land, drop trash, practice poor angling, and are generally very rude. But I guess thats everywhere these days.
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I've never had any luck there during the daytime but the cats are a blast at the all nighters.
I never knew they did the trout thing there. I've always taken the kids for the catfish at 'catfish corner' especially around the time they pull the truck up and thow a couple dozen 3-4 lb channels right where we're fishing!

Ahhh, memories...
Hey, that place looks pretty cool. That's just the kind of place to take my mom when see feels like casting a line.
Opens March 29th, I think I'll have to get out there in one of the boats they rent this year maybe have better luck. :)
Thanks NP! My kids love the inland trout season, but of course it lasts all of about a week. Price for PFR is not that bad, and considering how close it is, I am going to take the kids over and give it a try :)2
Let me know what you think Tubes, and see if it might be a good place for a CLF outing!
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