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Vermilion info.

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I was wondering if anybody knows what the waters like in the Vermilion near lowell,or closer to streator.I was thinking of getting out therse if its not to high.Any info would be great,Thanks,TKING :)5
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if your kayaking it'll be fine, out for a
walk,good---fishing ?, no good
Thanks for the info I'll have to catch up with ya later this spring and buy you a beer.I'm also looking for the #of a guy that does some guided flyfishing for smallies& white bass on the Vermillion,I think he was from Marseilles? Thanks again.
don't know of a guide and you really don't
need one. if you can get a canoe, i can hook
you up with fish-- later
I have a canoe and am ready to be hooked up.
ok, get your e-mail adress to me and we'll
talk. later, Don
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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