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I am assuming many of you are wading. How is the water speed, depth. Since I am usually on my own (and a girl) I am not liking the look of the water speed-wise right now but yesterday I found myself wishing I could get to the other bank! Any areas that are moving a little slower that I should be looking at?

Yesterday between 5:30-7:00 pm, from the bank I hooked into a few smallies all within a foot of shore in slack water. Good fight in the fish. Since I haven't been using minnows (never plan ahead enough to get them and have no clue on how to seine them) I have been playing around with my plastics and cranks. So far the most action has been on the #7 black/silver minnow rap and believe or not, black with blue speck tubes. Smallies hit that one hard and even when I missed the hookset, they came back for it again.

I appreciate when people post what they were using, time of day, and general water conditions because it helps me learn a lot especially since this is only my second season of fishing.
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