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Western Wisconsin & SE Minnesota Trout streams

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Planning a road trip through Western Wisconsin and Southest Minnesota. I have some knowledge of the streams in the area, but I hope to hear from some of you who have fished these areas. Any stream recommendations and fly pattern suggestions would be great.

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Check out my post from 3-14, The Kinney river and the Willow are awesome streams to fish up there they are just short of Minn. on the Wis. border, the weather hopefully will be better for you...if you want anymore info. feel free to email me, [email protected]! I wish I could get up there soon! Good Luck otherwise! Tight Lines Y'all!
Here are some references:

1. Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams - An Anglers Guide.
2. Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota (Humphrey's).
3. And of course a DeLorme atlas.

Also, a copy of the DNR trout map can be obtained here:

You can also get a hatch chart from that web site that will help you with fly selection.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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