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What Is The Approximate Time Window For The Spring Coho Run?

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I will be planning some trips up to the
Big Pond for Coho. What are some estimates on when the Coho fishing gets going, when it is likely to peak, and when it usually ends? It's a 3 &1/2 hour drive, so I'll need to plan ahead. Thanks for all opinions.
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I've been checking and it seems that the coho are just off shore at 95th. Because, the boaters and people shooting powerlines are limiting out. So, if you are using a boat or shooting powerlines, go now. (You can't do better than a limit.)

The casters didn't seem to get far enough off shore. But this might not be a problem very soon, if not already. Maybe someone will post some results from casting off shore. I'm sure they will begin to limit out soon. Anyway, by this weekend or next you should see the school move north toward the Planetarium. In my opinion this signals the peak.

A lot depends on where and how you are planning to fish. Keep checking the board.
I'm not sure what has been happening at 95th, but I can comment as to state line. This past Saturday my friend and I both limited out from shore. Five feet seemed to be the most productive depth, and mixed offerings of crawlers and squid seemed to produce. I did see several nice browns come from the discharge area, just watch out for the monster shad.
:)14 went out on sunday at cal park harbor got 4 coho on squid, 4" under bobbers air temp. was 35 degrees had blast. fished by coast gaurd station. This was first time i was ever at 95th street. could any one tell were is the best spots for salmon from shore at 95th street. post or e-mail me please will apprecate any advice.
A guy from work here was out at the Montrose horeshoe last night until about 10:00, and he says he and his brother managed to get 4 fish between 'em. He says all of them came on nightcrawlers about a foot and a half under a lighted float. Said he had spoken with a powerliner on shore before going out to the shoe, and he had only caught 3. Looks like slowly but surely they are on their way in.
Any idea what size the Cohos have been running? Plan to hit Belmont this week & will post report.

Thanks - JC
2-3lbs a few bigger with some large browns hanging around.
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