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Was at the Port today and got kicked out. What the Heck is going on. I was in a boat and some guy comes over and starts yelling at all the boaters. He called all of us over and told us he was the Indiana Port of somthing and that we cannot be fishing inside the breakwalls. Where are we supposed to fish. Pretty soon we are going to have to have a permit to take a poop in our own houses. Other than that fishing was good caught a bunch of big browns. Till later good luck finding a good place to fish.

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Ok, watch your language NitroPete, your being upset is understandable but it would be nice not to have posts with :)8 "junk" language. Remember there are ladies and kids that read the posts.
Sorry Ed and to everyone else. Just really sick on how the world is running because of the 9/11 thing. First the cooling lakes, and now lake Michigan. Once again sorry to all.
Nitro...the best part about this new board is that self-governing takes on a whole new meaning. Simply edit your own post, Ed removes his response, you promise to behave and all is good with the world. Think about it. Everybody wins.
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