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What's up with the carp?

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I have only been fishing the Fox for about 2 weeks now, almost everyday, (mainly for northern, or muskie), and have snagged about 5 or 6 carp, is it always like this? I have done it now at both Ferson creek, and just south of the s. elgin dam.
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How is the water aroud S. Elgin, did you see any fish being caught? Is there alot of walleye concentration in this area what about smallmouth? I see that you are out there for muskie/pike have you run in to any recently? Do you use big spinnerbaits? I actually ran into a lot of carp in the St. Charles area fishin for smallies, alot of broken lines. Oh well they are fun to catch on light tackle. Just a few questions, thanks! Tight Lines Y'all!
There is supposed to be some northern on the east side of the river about 1/2 mile, or so south of the dam. Have seen quite a few smallies caught, catfish, and carp, but no northern, or muskie. I have also been fishing Ferson creek, and got a 5.5 pound small mouth yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW!!! 5.5 lb nice fish that fish had to be around for awhile! Fishing Ferson, Where exactly is that located? I am assuming its where two bodies of water empty into one another. thats really strange we are both from Bartlett as well, hopefully I can get out later tonight as well as tommorrow. Once again GREAT FISH! Hope to see more of that, its a shame you didn't get your northern or ski though. Good luck and tight lines!
Jason - Where? is the photo so we all can enjoy!
Pictures on the way, I am not up to speed with my computer yet.
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