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where to go

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I just recived some rifles/guns from my father, and just recently purchased a bow from BPS. i am looking for somewhere to go for hunting. Also what are the seasons, or how can I find out? Also is there somewhere good to go for shooting pratice?
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Jason, Questions for you. You said you just recieved some guns from your dad. Do you have a FOID card? If you dont(and please tell me you do), you'll need to get one ASAP.
Have you ever operated a firearm? If not, might I suggest taking a gun safety course. Lastly, have you ever hunted before? If not, it would be a good idea to take a hunters safety course, and go with someone that knows what they are doing. Sorry I had to ask these questions, but, by your post, it sounds like you are a newbie to the sport of hunting. No big deal, everyone has to start somewhere. Feel free to ask questions here. There are a lot of good hunters that post on this board that will help you out. as far as places to hunt, here is a link to the IDNR website. It has all the info you are looking for.

Hope this helps. Remember, start at square one. Learn as much as you can. It's a fun sport.

Take care. Be safe.

Frank (furter)
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Yes, I do have my firearms card, and also my ammunitions card, my hunting licence will come when I get a new fishing licence next month. I have shot many times before, but not for a while. Is hunting in Chicagoland pretty good? I was planning to go to somewhere like GAT for target pratice, are they o.k., or would you suggest somewhere else? Thanks
your fortunate because G.A.T has not only a range for your firearm's...But they also have an archery range upstair's..Or atleast they used to..I haven't been there in a few year's..Now where to hunt...Well that's a question many of us ask...My suggestion would be...If your a very personable character..Try your luck @ getting permission from some land owner..If you can't get private land to hunt on...Your only left with public land..Those land's are listed @ the IL DNR website..Just make sure you read the site specific rules very carefully...The rules & reg's can & will change from site to site..One other option is to join a hunting club..

Now we don't have a rifle season here in IL..
The season's we do have are shotgun/muzzleloader,handgun & bowhunting..
You'll have much more oppertunity to hunt with bow rather than the other's..Bow season is CLOSED during any firearm season..Except in counties that don't have a firearm season..

Now i'm sure you know this alreadybut...When you pickup that license..get the sportsman's license rather than a seperate hunting & fishing...You can even purchase them off the DNR website..But I don't know if they have the 2002 licence for sale online yet..The nice thing about purchasing them online is that you cab print as many copies as you want & just store them everywhere..
Now we come to your new bow..I would definitely tell you to tune that bow to it's lowest limit's & start out with just the basic'swhich would be site,basic arrow nock,basic arrow rest & either a glove release or finger tab..If you feel you'd be pretty good instinctive shooting...By all mean's go that route...The more you have on your bow..Is more thing's that can go wrong during a hunt...Just consintrate on your form...Make sure you do everything the same every time you shoot & thing's will fall into place..

Have fun & good luck...
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Hey deer slayer, thank yo for all of the info,I really appreciate it.
try galyans for the hunter/safty course,i have been to a couple and they usually hold them 2 to 3 time a year.Its a 2 day course but definaelty worth the time vested.Usually will have a dnr rep there to answer any of your questions
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