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<font color="#00FF00">Mike,there are numerous places to fish in our area. Im from Rockford and the kishwaukee river is my favorite. I belong to the illinois smallmouth alliance and fish for smallies all year long. Our club is very CPR inclined,so with that in mind try out the Kish this spring or summer for some smallies. if you would like more detailed info on the wheres and what to use your going to have to email me.I will not share direct info on a b board.I will also say that if you would seriously like to try river smallmouth bass fishing check out the dates i have posted further down the rock b-board under isa north outings .These outings are open to everyone you need not be a member. Come out and join us for the day.Kevin Dells</font>my email is [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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