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White Bass

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Has anyone ate any white bass from the Illinois river or the Fox River? I was curious to know if they are any good. The ones I use to catch on the Wolf River were delicous and worth taking the time out to fry them. Thanks for the info.
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The white bass I cleaned one time from around starved rock tasted like mud, even after soaking them in milk. I recall a lot of threads on previous board confirming this. Can't help ya on the fox though, never ate one from there.
We have found if you will shave the red meat off of the outside of the fillets and cut the mudline out the whites they will not have that muddy/fishy taste. I have found the whites to be very tasty when cleaned correctly and we do not have to soak them in milk. Hope this helps.
I have eaten whites from the Fox during ice fishing season and they are good.One thing to keep in mind though is that white bass are listed as high in contaminates according to the fish consupmtion advisory.Whites are listed that way in Illinois and Wisconsin.Both states suggest one meal a week for children,and women of childbearing age.Adult males are ok but I would still limit consumption just to be safe.
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