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Who likes Beaver???

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I thought I would get out for a couple hours after work. Hit up the Dupage in the naperville area around a couple aqueducts. First cast using a 1/8 oz jig with a white 3" mr. twister was hit by a small bass, who proceeed to unhook itself on its first jump. After about 30 min another bite and again on the first jump, unhooked itself. Neither were of great size. I fished for about an hour more with no luck.

However, as I was leaning against the bridge, with the water of the aqueduct at my right entering into the river, a beaver came swimming, less than two feet away from me, from under the bridge and proceeded to climb upon the concrete of the aqueduct. He/She let the rushing water go through its fur for a bit, meanwhile I'm fusing with my camera phone trying to get a pic while being as stealth as possible. I mean I was like 4 feet away! While trying to get a pic, of course the wife calls. I hit silent and try again. Another call from her and again I hit silent. A third call and by this time I'm pissed and answer angerly and tell her I'll call her back. By the time I get the camera back on the beaver was just about to climb through the grate of the aqueduct and all I managed was this lousy pic. (yes, I know the difference between a muskrat and a beaver and this was a beaver) So anyway, enjoy the horrible pic and hopefully I see it again sometime. It did make the evening more fun though!

Sorry for disappointing 99 percent of you that read the title and got excited.... :(

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Sounds like you need to sharpen your hooks.......oh and nice beaver!
the ubiquitous beaver shot....... 8:)

you know....

...all beaver shot, must be eaten.
funny......that's what she said :-D
Looks like a baby, I would assume they do in there but some out on the Fox are as big as ones I see up north canoeing.
I'm talking 3 feet long without their tail.
yeah it was rather small. With its flat tail about 2-2.5 ft. Small enough to fit between the grate!!
I've seen a SQUISHED beaver on Old McHenry & Midlothian Rd. a few years back. :eek:

Along side the Target store, Lake Zurich, they had to wrap chicken wire around the pine tree's to keep Bucky from killing about 10 of them. Saw them wrapping the tree's Wed..

Prolific little critters.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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