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Talked to a CCFP biolgist and the state sets a minimum depth rule for fall stockings. Since Sag Quarry East does not have deep enough water(don't know the minimum) the DNR will not allow fall stocking. They are worried about winter kil. For pete sake, just how many fish does the DNR think will make it past the catch and kills! I then inquired about Maple Lake(down to 20+'), but no go as there must be a certain amount of fish released per acre. D'OH, it isn't like these fish are going to reproduce! It would cost more to stock Maple then the three northern lakes they do.

Go north young man! If you want fall trout that is!

PS - I asked about the walleye study in progess at Tampier. Water is 44 degrees, and 45 - 50 is when the Walleye start moving. I'll call in a few weeks and see how it went.
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