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Wolf Lake

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Quite windy as most of us had today. Went out with my nephew and was the fist time on the lake with my boat with the restrictions lifted. I have ice fished the lake but have never been in a boat. We were in the middle lake and took 1 crappie did some searching for the next trip out. Was supprised that it got soooo! shalow so quick. The crappie hit a J-11 in fire tiger. A small fish for such a big lure. I hope to learn this lake if anyone has any help please let me know. This is a real clear lake on the IL. side does anyone know what the IND. side is like and the access availible.
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The Indiana side is the better side for fishing in my opinion. The Ind. state record musky came from Wolf Lk. There are various access sites for the Ind. side of Wolf Lk. I launch from the park, there's a fee, don't worry it won't break you, the ramp is nice enough, and usually plenty of parking. I look for the deepest dropoffs and channels, that's where you'll find walleyes, although this time of year don't neglect shallow areas. You can catch white bass all day out in the middle of the lake, crappies can scatter, but look for them in deeper areas too. There's a deep weedline from approx. the tollroad overpass towards the island. which attracts lots of fish. There are not many other places you can catch walleye's within eyesight of the sears tower.
Thanks Pike slayer
I want to learn the lake and it seams there are many shore fisherman but not many boats. Which is alright by me. When I was ice fishing I saw some good nothern come out of the north IL part of the lake and some bass to. Can you get to the IND side by boat?
Exactly what restrictions were lifted on wolf?
What are the current restrictions? Are restrictions the same on the IL/IN side? I have never been there before , but I would like to give it a try next weekend. Thanks in advance.
I hope I got your name right. The restriction was 10HP on the motor. They lifted that to no wake. I pity the poor (dumb) fisherman that breaks it for the first time as there was some opposition to it. It failed at shabona. And I think rightfully so. Thats a small lake with heavy preasure. I have been without a boat and know how that feels. I heard today (not validated that the HP max on the boat can not exceede 75 but I am not sure. Best bet to call in advance to the park, they will know. I am not sure about the IND laws.

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